Welcome to the Pt Cruiser Club of Iowa website

The Crossroads Cruisers PT Club of Iowa is a group of people drawn by the appeal of the PT Cruiser.  It’s ability to adapt to each individuals interest and style. But we are much more than a car club. We’re more of a social club that has had a great opportunity to make friends with people all over the country.


We are still striving to meet one of our main goals as a club.  And that is to find and judge the worthiness of every ice cream shop in the state.  We take this task very seriously and don’t care how many miles of back roads and out of the way places we have to go to do it.  Besides you never know what or who you will find along the way or around the next curve.


So thanks for stopping by. Have a look around our website and get to know us. If you want to drop us a line you can always write in the guestbook.


Safe Cruz'n!